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Learn from that Cross

July 17, 2009
learn_from_that_crossJuly is World Youth Day month! I wasn't in Toronto for World Youth Day 2002, but I still see three things around the city that are "remains" of those glorious days: first, I work at Salt + Light Television, the station that was born "on the wings of WYD 2002" and where the WYD spirit remains; second, I always see the very handy WYD 2002 red and beige sling bags on people's shoulders in downtown Toronto; and here and there, around people's necks or in their offices, the WYD 2002 crosses still hang.
But only a few people may realize that these crosses were made by young people living in places of poverty and violence in Colombia. The Basilian Fathers not only give spiritual support in seemingly hopeless places like Barrio Blanquizal, but also opportunities for employment. They helped set up a workshop in which 170 young Colombians made the World Youth Day 2002 crosses that are now all over the world, crosses that are a reflection of their hopes and dreams.
In commemoration of the work of hope led by the Basilian Fathers in Colombia, Salt + Light Television is proud to present "Learn from that Cross: Los Padres Basilianos en Colombia," on Saturday, July 18th at 9 pm ET, and Tuesday, July 21st at 8:30 pm ET.
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