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Perspectives Daily - Quebec Bishops Stand Against Revived Euthanasia Bill

May 29, 2014
In Quebec, this week, the province’s Assembly of Catholic Bishops issued a strong statement against the re-introduction of Bill-52, which seeks to legalization euthanasia. Written by the president of the assembly, His Grace Archbishop Pierre-André Fournier, Archbishop of Rimouski, the statement condemns the four parties in the National Assembly for re-introducing the bill, which originally died when provincial elections were triggered earlier this year. “Killing is not care,” said the Archbishop. He said that he understands full well, the anguish and suffering that all experience when a loved one dies in agony. Archbishop Fournier made clear that the answer was good palliative care. He said it is best way to relieve the suffering of people at the end of their lives and to help them live their last moments humanely and with dignity.
Recently Catholic News Service had the opportunity to speak with new ordained Dominican priests to discuss ordination.
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