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Coast to Coast: December 6 to 12, 2014

December 13, 2014
Here are some stories being talked about across the Church in Canada this week:
When Pope Francis met recntly with people who have autistic disorders and their families, he called on everyone to work together to end the stigma that often comes with the disorder. One Toronto parish has been working on exactly that.
Ever heard of Sobor? Ukranian Catholics in Saskatoon just had one and Bishop Bryan Bayda explains what it is.
While racial tensions flare in the U.S., one Edmonton group is trying to help people of different races and religions find common ground.
Did you know there is a Canadian ecumenical group dedicated to fighting the militarization of space? That's just one of the things Project Plowshares has worked for in it's nearly 40 year history. However, the loss of government contracts and funding is causing a shift in its mandate.

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