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“A little bit of unpredictability is helpful at times”: Fr. Rosica reflects on Francis and the Media

May 13, 2015
Point of View: Interpreting the Francis Effect is a S+L series that goes deeper into the questions surrounding the person and pontificate of Pope Francis.  The series consists of a selection of the full interviews from S+L’s original documentary The Francis EffectFind the full schedule for Season 2 of POV here.
Tonight: Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB
I remember when Fr. Rosica, our CEO, called me into his office the morning of February 13th, 2013 to tell me that Fr. Lombardi (the Vatican Spokesperson) had asked the two of us to come to Rome immediately to work with the English speaking media, who had already begun to swarm the Vatican two days after Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation.  A lot has happened since that conversation.
In many ways, the weeks that followed were the beginning of a significant relationship between Fr. Rosica and the Holy See Press Office. Lombardi and Rosica have known each other for many years and worked closely together at three Synods of Bishops. But this was different. After Francis’ election Lombardi asked Rosica to continue to reach out to the English media around the world with important news and statements from the Vatican. The response of the media over the past two-plus years has been incredible. Francis is a newsmaker, and that means solid and timely Vatican information translated into English is a hot commodity.
Few people have the privilege and responsibility of standing with one foot in the media world and another in the Vatican. The unique and discrete nature of the work puts Fr. Rosica in an unparalleled position to reflect on the phenomenon that we call “the Francis effect.”
Tonight for the first time, S+L viewers can watch the full interview I conducted with Fr. Rosica about the strategy he and Fr. Lombardi employed for the sede vacante and the first days of Pope Francis’ pontificate. You will also hear of the developing relationship between the Vatican and the secular media, a powerful story about which many speculate but few know in detail. This is the man to hear it from firsthand.
Watch Episode 4 of Point of View: Interpreting the Francis Effect
Airs Wednesday, May 13, 2015
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