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Laser-Sharp Churches, Lego & The Apostles: Where They Are Now

May 28, 2015
Noel-BlogWelcome to S+L’s Weekly News Round-Up. As the Director of Marketing and Communications here at S+L, many interesting Catholic news stories and articles come across my desk on a daily basis. Some of them we’ll cover on our different television programs and others I’d like to share with you on this blog.
This blog column is where I’ll point out some of the more interesting news pieces that I’ve come across over the past week! Enjoy!
This past week has surfaced some fun articles that were just too good to let fade into the depths of the internet abyss without at least an honourable mention.
First up, laser surgery is no longer just for corrective vision. Apparently, it can also be used to restore stained glass windows! After seven painstaking years of laser work, the stained glass windows of one of the medieval gothic wonders world, (Sainte-Chapelle in central Paris), has now been fully restored to it original brilliancy. The work involved dismantling the huge windows into small panels and cleaning them with lasers. An outside “skin” of glass has been moulded on to the original windows to protect them from traffic pollution, without altering their look. Read all the details here.
This week, Pope Francis admitted that he hasn’t watched television since 1990 after making promise to our Lady! WOW! I can barely make it through the 40 days of Lent. In a candid interview with an Argentine newspaper, The Holy Father talks with an open heart to the newspaper La Voz del Pueblo about pizza, football and how his live has changed since assuming his Petrine Ministry. You can read all the details of the interview here.
And since you probably haven't made a promise to Our Lady of Mount Carmel not to watch television again yet, there is a new show on NBC called A.D. The Bible Continues that you should watch. Check it out the trailer here:
And with that being said, here are five reasons why all Catholics SHOULD watch this show. It picks up where the smash hit, "The Bible," left off, continuing the greatest story ever told and exploring the exciting and inspiring events that followed the Crucifixion of Christ.
Lego. Who hasn’t, at one point in their lives, played with legos? Well, some people have taken lego building to a whole new level. Check these 12 amazing Christian sculptures made entirely with legos blocks. Clearly, legos aren't just for kids. Although, if you are looking for a way to explain last weekend's feast of Pentecost to some kids and lego addicts, check out this short video using legos to explain Pentecost. Please be advised, however, that this video is strongly rated C – for children...
Ok, enough of the kids stuff. Let's swing the pendulum a bit to the other extreme.
We all know Hell exists, but were you aware of the different levels of Hell? Check out this video explanation by Dr. Taylor Marshall where he explains the descent of Christ into Hell and the 4 Sections of Hell according to the works of St. Thomas Aquinas.
Please be advised, however, that this video is strongly rated I – for Interesting – (not sure if I'd let the kids watch it though…)
Finally, you must have wondered at some point what ever happened to the rest of the apostles and where their remains are today? Yes, all we know where St. Peter is and maybe where St. James ended up. But how about the other eleven apostles? Do I have your interest now? To answer your questions, check out the picture below that sums it all up nice and neatly in one image:
Incidentally, I dedicate the above story to our producer Deacon Pedro since he was the first person here at the office to name where each of the apostles ended up and how they died! - Impressive!
Well, that’s it for me this week folks. I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on these stories. If you have any interesting stories yourself, please feel free to send them to me!
I hope you enjoy these little stories! I certainly have. Till next week!
- Noel
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