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Steubenville Toronto 2015 - Highlights

August 10, 2015
For decades, the Franciscan University of Steubenville has been offering their famous teen conferences to groups around North America. This past weekend Toronto hosted its second Steubenville Conference. The team included Chris Stefanick, Matt Fradd, Cooper Ray, Sr. Miriam Heidland and Fr. Chris Martin. If you missed the broadcasts of their keynote talks on our network, or want to see more of what went on in between the talks and liturgies, check out these highlights from the weekend.
Here is the opening Praise and Worship session led by the Josh Blakesley Band, followed by Matt Fradd’s talk on “The Shepherd” and Cooper Ray on “The Thief”.
For young women out there who couldn’t make it to Steubenville Toronto in person, (or maybe you were there and want to hear this again) here is Sr. Miriam Heidland leading the women’s session.
Here is Fr. Chris Martin on the Holy Spirit just before the conference wrapped. (and of course the worship session that took place before his talk)
If you're looking for more of the fantastic music on offer at Steubenville Toronto, check out this video stream featuring a concert with Cooper Ray. As a bonus, the concert is followed by Matt Fradd's talk on living out friendships in this modern, high-tech, constantly connected world.
Here is the incomparable Sr. Miriam Heidland giving her keynote talk on Limitless Love. Her thought provoking presentation looks at why we crave things that don't seem to satisfy us, and the security blankets we hold on to throughout our lives.
Check out this page for more clips!
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