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What To Do When Violence Touches Our Hearts....

November 18, 2015
The violent Paris attacks are not a sign of war, they are only proof of cowardly desperation. The criminals choose their victims at random from the streets, from a theatre, from the stadium... in some cases they choose them for their religious beliefs.
How it is possible that young men became so disenfranchised from society and were able to go in search for the most radical group of criminals in the world?
Since the beginning of his pontificate, Pope Francis has emphasized the existence and the presence of demonic forces yet many still don’t believe in his comments.
During the dirty war in Argentina, he was able to see how armed men lose their ability to relate to other humans beings and were able to make their brothers and sisters disappear into thin air.
Today, Pope Francis speaks of the devil, proving how demons are walking among us ready to take our most precious values... our security and our common love for each other.
Are we able and ready to react and defend our society?
Are we ready to find and help the ones who are becoming disconnect from our world? They are in our schools, universities, clubs, religious houses, etc..
Can we ignore them and hope they will not ignore us and our values?
Only with our integrity and our belief in a common God for all humans, that we will be able to find a future destination for all of us.
Let's pray to God for the strength we all need to stand together for freedom and human respect.
CNS photo/Lucie Brousseau

Javier Capella is a Technical Manager at Salt and Light Television.

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