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Another successful fundraising dinner, two out of two!

February 6, 2007
[Note: This blog entry comes from Bosco Chan regarding the recent Salt + Light Chinese Programming fundraiser.]
S+L Chinese programming team, Fountain of Love and Life (FLL), Fundraising Banquet, Organizers
On January 27, the Chinese programming team, Fountain of Love and Life (FLL), had the second fundraising dinner at Grand Baccus Banquet & Convention Centre in Scarborough, Ontario. The event had attracted about 780 guests and among those, Fr. Rosica and the S+L team, along with many pastors from local parishes, priests and nuns from religious orders as our guests of honour.
At the dinner, the guests were thrilled with the ten traditional Chinese dinner dishes (yes, ten of them!) from barbeque pork to shark fin soup. Mmmm, I feel hungry just by thinking about those dishes……. The FLL team did a great job in preparing an information-rich and fun-filled schedule for our guests. First, the children choir from Chinese Martyrs Catholic Church sang the national anthem and Our Father. Then guests were presented the FLL’s history, auctions, live singing performance, and opportunity for the most generous guests to contribute financially. The most worthy of mentioning event was the premiere of an episode from the coming Second Series.
S+L Chinese programming team, Fountain of Love and Life (FLL), Fundraising Banquet; Fr. Rosica presents JPII Painting
The FLL team picked the episode featuring Jeffrey Man, a ten-year-old boy who is suffering from spinal muscular atrophy. His ability to move his body is greatly limited, but his motivation to become a teacher is tremendous. One day, Jeffrey experienced a miracle when a devoted parishioner touched his neck after an intense prayer for him. Miraculously, he can move his muscle in his neck and move his head up! Through this miracle, God did not only touch Jeffrey but also his whole family. The Mans became devote Catholics and the Holy Spirit has rested in this loving family since! All the guests were touched by the story. Out of our surprise, Fr. Rosica gave the painting of the late Pope John Paul II and a child (see above picture), which he donated for the auction, to Jeffrey as a gift!
S+L Chinese programming team, Fountain of Love and Life (FLL), Fundraising Banquet, Crowd Shot
The fundraising dinner was a great success. Financially, the guests had contributed over $65,000 to FLL. More importantly, it was the dedication of the volunteers of the FLL team that have made Chinese Catholic programming in Canada a reality. Did you know that FLL utilized no less than 7,000 volunteering hours in order to produce the thirteen-episode series in 2006? I must say that the FLL team was extremely grateful not only to see the great financial contribution, but also the tremendous support from the Chinese community and 100+ volunteers at large. It is the latter that gives the FLL team a sense of encouragement that the FLL team are doing what Christ called us to be: “the salt of the earth, the light of the world.”
Bosco Chan
January 31
Feast of St John Bosco
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