The experience of fishing with Jesus
February 29, 2016
I am Chris Adamczyk here on the Sea of Galilee in a boat that resembled those first century fishing boats.
A fond memory I have growing up is that of fishing with my brother and my friends. There is something about the peace and calm that is necessary to fish that makes you more open in prayer and friendship. We read in the gospels that Jesus called his disciples right here on the shores of this lake, and although he called them to be fishers of men, he didn’t say they would never fish again!
I can picture the early mornings on the sea, where everyone on the boat had to be silent and still. I can picture how Jesus would have watched the concentration and care with which Peter and Andrew threw the nets and carefully brought them in. He would have listened and watched how these experienced fishermen knew their trade inside and out, and their discussions on the best tactics. I don’t think Jesus stood and watched, he would have got his hands wet and helped guide the nets, and load in the catch - and the disciples would have shown him techniques that only years of fishing can teach.
I can picture the moments where they sat in the boat and spoke to each other. Personal words of friendship, an exchange of thoughts or ponderings about their lives. Jesus partook and cherished this time of friendship. He came to us not only as God but as Man, and he would come to know his disciples very well in their time fishing. And the disciples would have learned much about Jesus. I am sure sometimes they broke the code of silence and concentration because they simply were happy to be together. They would have made enough noise to scare every fish away - and that didn’t matter! Or they would have been caught up listening to Jesus speak about His ministry and his care for them as disciples.
Together, here, the disciples and Jesus bonded in friendship, they forged their first memories and learned about each other. There were some conversations, moments and lessons that went so deep that only the heart recorded them. And which they never forgot in their ministry.
From the see of Galilee, I am Chris Adamczyk.
Chris Adamczyk is the Manager of Marketing and Communications for Salt + Light. Follow him on Twitter!
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