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Said Judas to Mary now what will you do? - Sydney Carter

March 20, 2016
Woman anointing Jesus' Feet
Said Judas to Mary now what will you do
With your ointment so rich and so rare?
I'll pour it all over the feet of the Lord
And I'll wipe it away with my hair, she said,
I'll wipe it away with my hair
O Mary, O Mary, O think of the poor,
This ointment it could have been sold
And think of the blankets and think of the bread
You could buy with the silver and gold he said
You could buy with the silver and gold
Tomorrow, tomorrow I'll think of the poor
Tomorrow she said not today
For dearer than all of the poor in the world
Is my love who is going away she said
My love who is going away
Said Jesus to Mary, "Your love is so deep,
Today you may do as you will.
Tomorrow you say I am going away,
But my body I leave with you still," He said,
"My body I leave with you still."
"The poor of the world Are my body," He said
"To the end of the world they shall be.
The bread and the blankets You give to the poor
You'll know you have given to me," He said,
"You'll know you have given to me."
"My body will hang On the cross of the world,
Tomorrow," He said, "Not today.
And Martha and Mary Will find me again
And wash all the sorrow away," He said,
"And wash all the sorrow away.
-Sydney Carter

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