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Mothering, Full of Grace: Premiere This Wednesday @ 8pm!

January 29, 2008
[NOTE: This Wednesday, January 30th, marks the debut of a new Salt + Light Television series, Mothering, Full of Grace. You may remember Gillian's previous entry on Mothering, Full of Grace, from the beginning of January. Click HERE to refresh your memory!]
Mothering, Full of Grace host Rhea Johner on setI always like it when people sign their letters with a thoughtful, “Take care.” I feel like I’m being told, “be good to yourself, rest, drive carefully, eat well, enjoy life” (or, more concisely, “take care”).
So if that’s what it means to take care, what does it mean to give care?
Well, in the premiere episode of Mothering, Full of Grace our group of moms talks about who they are caring for and how, whether it’s a privilege or a burden, and how they can take care of themselves. Join us as we also meet Laura O’Reilly and her family – they share a grace-filled story of receiving God’s care during Laura’s fight with cancer. And Julie and Paul Waters talk to each other about what care-giving means in a marriage.
Tune in to Mothering, Full of Grace this Wednesday, January 30th, at 8pm and midnight ET… and we’ll take care of the rest!
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