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Mothering, Full of Grace: Working Mom

February 12, 2008
Imagine a job that requires you be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Pay is minimal and demands are high. Guaranteed to be moments of high stress. And duties include everything from chauffeuring, preparing meals, keeping staff in line, and cleaning up after everyone.
Probably… there won’t be a long line-up of applicants.
But wait! There’s more! We haven’t listed some of the benefits yet… bonding with a strong community of individuals on a spiritual, emotional, and intellectual level; developing future leaders; and receiving hundreds of hugs and kisses.
Job title: Mom.
3workingmom-karenarmstrong.jpgThis week on Mothering, Full of Grace, we tackle the topic of work that Moms do. Join host Rhea Johner and hear from moms working inside, outside, and around the home to find out what keeps them motivated and how they balance work and life. Mom Karen Armstrong talks about her former career as a corporate executive, our discussion group talks about where they work and why, and couple Michael and Echelle Nunan let us in on a conversation about what work works for them.
So take the next half hour off work, and watch Mothering, Full of Grace Wednesday, February 13th at 8pm and midnight ET with an encore presentation Sunday, February 17th at the same times.
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