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Subject Matters: what the emergence of Latino communites means for the church and society

March 23, 2017
(S+L Photo: Bishop Ricardo Ramírez, CSB, presents his book "Power from the Margins: the Emergence of the Latino in the Church and in Society" on the set of Subject Matters at Ben McNally Books in Toronto, ON)
The timing of Bishop Ricardo Ramírez's book "Power from the Margins" couldn't be more appropriate. As debates rage about immigration and multiculturalism in the United States in the Donald Trump era, this seasoned pastor—he was Bishop of Las Cruces, NM for more than 30 years—reflects on the emergence and maturation of the American Latino community. The book is filled with interesting and relevant facts and paints a fairly comprehensive portrait of Latino culture, which Bishop Ricardo points out, is extraordinarily diverse. In a matter of years, half of America's Catholics will be Latinos, a demographic shift which could lead to serious confrontations between the institutional church and traditional American society, should fear and indifference plague the country's discourse. Still, this is a hopeful book which celebrates Latino culture as much as it challenges the reader—especially the Catholic reader—to appreciate a fundamental principle of Christianity: that power, the work of the Holy Spirit in the church, comes from the margins.
Here's "My Take" on the book, ahead of the premiere of our show this weekend...
Catch Subject Matters: Power from the Margins
by Bishop Ricardo Ramírez
Sunday, March 26 at 8:30pmET
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