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March 30, 2017
Pope Francis is on the move again. This Sunday, He’ll embark on another pastoral visit, this time within Italy to the northern city of Carpi. You may recall, Carpi is an area that suffered severe damages and several fatalities during massive earthquakes in 2012.
The Pope’s day in Carpi will look something like this. Promptly at 8:15 am the Pope leaves the Vatican via helicopter to arrive, at about, 9:45am at the ”Dorando Pietri” rugby field, in Carpi. He will then preside over mass at 10:30 followed by Angelus at the Piazza of the Martyrs with opening remarks from Msgr. Francesco Cavina, the Bishop of Carpi. Lunch is scheduled at 1:00 pm at the Episcopal Seminary with the bishops of the Region, and elderly priests who reside in the House of Clergy. From there the Pope has a 3:00 pm Meeting with the diocesan priests, men and women religious, and the seminarians in the Seminary Chapel. After the meeting, the Pope leaves for a brief stop at the Cathedral. A 4:30 pm Visit to the Dome of Mirandola and, in the area adjacent to the Parish he'll visit a floral tribute at the monument for the victims of the earthquake. By 5:30 a farewell and take-off from the sports field adjacent to the Parish and return to Rome.
As usual, we will be broadcasting some of the events so please check our online line schedule listed below for details.
In other news from Rome today, the Holy See Press Office held a press conference to present a letter from the Pope for the 9th World Meeting of Families that will take place, August 2018 in Ireland. The theme of the event is The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World.
The letter was addressed to Cardinal Kevin Farrell, who is the head of the Vatican office for Laity, Family and Life. In the letter, the Pope urges families to discover God's love and to be generous, forgiving, patient, helpful and respectful. The Pope hopes the Meeting of Families will be a way for families to deepen their reflection on the document ‘Amoris Laetitia’.
The Pope said we need to be a Church that goes out to the peripheries of society to those people who don't listen to us at the present moment, to those families who have lost their way or who don't go to church any more.
When asked if the Pope's will attend the event next year, Cardinal Farrell told reporters at the news conference, "We hope. I can't absolutely say, since it depends on the pope's schedule, but the pope has expressed his desire to go.” Of course, you can read the entire letter from the Pope on our website here.
Last Tuesday, we had the great pleasure of hosting the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario here at our offices for a tour of the studio, Mass and dinner with the staff of salt and Light which turned out to be a great evening of fraternity and cheer. Have a look at how the evening went.
This was a fun night out for all the bishops who were in town for their assembly meetings. We certainly hope you gents will come back to visit us again soon.
And that is all that we have time for today. Join us again next week when we bring you more of the latest news and stories through the Perspectives of a catholic lens.

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