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Cardinal Gerhard Muller Visits S+L - Perspectives Daily

May 22, 2017
Good Evening, I’m Noel Ocol. As I mentioned last week, we had a very special guest come visit us here at the Salt and Light studios. Cardinal Gerhard Müller, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and the Pope’s right hand man when it comes to doctrine was in Toronto last week to speak about Euthanasia at a special event at St. Michael’s Cathedral.
But before his address that evening, he spent the day with the Salt and Light staff here at our studios for a tour, to celebrating Mass, and to do some interviews but more importantly, to have a nice relaxing time with the team.
During the course of the day, Fr. Tom Rosica had an opportunity to sit and talk to Cardinal Muller for our flag-ship show WITNESS, where Fr. Tom spoke to the Cardinal about Gerhard Muller, the man behind the headlines, the theologian, and about the Congregation, that he leads for the Church. Here now is a sneak peak:
Now, to catch the entire episode, you’ll have wait a few weeks and keep your eyes on our schedule for the broadcast date. But rest assured, I’ll let you know once the broadcast date and time has been set.
Our very own, producer and host Emilie Callan, also had a chance to chat with the Cardinal for her show Vatican Connections. In the  episode which aired last Friday, she spoke to the Cardinal candidly about a Catholics' right to express their conscience in the public sphere. Here now is the interview.
Now, if you’d like to watch the entire episode of Vatican Connections, it is available on our website listed here.
That's all that we have of Perspectives Daily today. Join us tomorrow when I bring you some of the latest news and stories from the Perspectives of the Catholic Faith. Thanks for joining us.

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