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Fr. Federico Lombardi On The Most Significant Event In His Career As Papal Spokesman - Perspectives Daily

May 31, 2017
We begin today in Rome where the Pope addressed the pilgrims at his weekly general audience and continued his catechesis on “Christian Hope”. Here now is the summary
And now, I bring you a special segment called, Perspectives Daily - Profile, where I bring you the 1st part of a 4 piece conversation with the man who was the director of holy see press office for the past 3 popes and the face of Vatican communications. I had a chance to talk with none other than Fr.Federico Lombardi, during his recent visit to Toronto and this is what he had to say about the single-most significant moment for him, as the Pope’s right hand man in dealing with the world’s media. I bring you now Fr.Lombardi on this special Profile segment.
Join us again tomorrow when we bring you more of the latest news and stories through the Perspectives of a catholic lens.
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