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Bishop Sets Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Straight on "Feminist" Foreign Policy - Perspectives Daily

July 5, 2017
Today is Wednesday July 5th and normally I'd bring to you a summary of the Pope’s general audience. But this month, The Pope's weekly general audiences are on hold and He'll resume his public audiences again in August. In the meantime however, The Pope has just released his monthly Prayer Intention video. This July, the Pope asks that we join him in prayer for those, close to us, who has grown distant from the faith. Have a look.
Let’s go to the US now, where more than three thousand Catholics gathered in Orlando Florida over the weekend, to attend the “Convocation of Catholic Leaders” event. This gathering which ended yesterday, assembled Catholic leaders from all over the US, for strategic conversations and seminars, on how to animate the Church in the US. This report now from CNS
Here in Canada, the president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, officially responded to Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Chrystia Freeland regarding a recent speech she made to the House of Commons on Canadian Foreign Policy.
In her speech, the Minister equated women's rights with the right to abortion and "sexual reproductive rights", claiming that these rights are the core of Canadian foreign policy." In his letter to the Minister, Bishop Crosby expresses his disagreement, calling her speech "erroneous and misguided, pointed out, that many women's issues that should have been raised, were not. Including, Canada's partnerships with countries where: female infants are murdered for not being male; those in which women earn less than men for the same job, or where women don't enjoy the same privileges under the law including: the right to education or legal protection from rape, violence, & abuse. The Bishop insisted that political agendas cannot,.. be allowed, to dictate foreign policy and override our humanitarian responsibilities to those in need.
The Bishop's entire letter to the minister can be read on the CCCB website here.
And finally tonight, the organizers of the 2019 World Youth Day Panama has just released the theme song and video for this much anticipated world event. The song reflects on the Marian theme: “Let it be done to me, according to your word.”. I leave you with a preview. Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you again tomorrow.
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