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Some of The Challenges The Knights of Columbus in Canada Face Today - Perspectives Daily

August 1, 2017
Carl Anderson
Today we continue our special coverage of the 135th Knights of Columbus Supreme Convention in St. Louis, which is now in full swing.
This morning, Archbishop Robert Carlson of Saint Louis presided over the celebration of the opening Mass, which gathered together, bishops, priests, cardinals, and Knights from all over the world.
Honouring today's feast of Saint Alphonsus Liguori, the Archbishop underlined the impact of this great Doctor of the Church on the life of Knight's founder, Father Michael McGivney, and spoke about the importance of Saint Alphonsus as a role-model in the lives of the Knights today.
Saint Alphonsus was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church by Pope Pius 9th while Father McGivney was in minor seminary. Years later, a copy of "Guide to Confessors", written by Saint Alphonsus', was found in the personal belongings of Father McGivney. Archbishop Carlson noted that Saint Alphonsus is a model of missionary discipleship, and every Christian is sent to be a light in the world, and called to live a life, that proclaims the kingdom of God.
The Knights of Columbus are renowned for their charitable works, not only at the local level but also internationally. And one of the many global charitable projects they support is the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation, an organization that delivers mobility into the lives of those who don’t have the means to acquire a wheelchair. Emilie Callan had a chance to talk to the Executive Director of the program, Christiana Flessner, about why the Knights are involved in this project and how the partnership came about.
And for more information on the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation, you can visit their site at cdnwheelchair.ca
During one of the breaks earlier today, Fr. Rosica had a chance to stop by the S+L broadcast booth and talk to Francis Denis & Emillie Callan about some of the challenges that Knights of Columbus are facing here in Canada.
One of the major highlights of the Conference every year is the state of the union address given by the Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson. Here are some highlights of the address
That's all for today. Join us again tomorrow when I bring you more coverage of the 135th Knight of Columbus Supreme Convention in St. Louis.
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