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Supreme Knight Carl Anderson Talk to S+L About Their Focus On The Middle East - Perspectives Daily

August 2, 2017
Today, we continue into the second day of our special highlight coverage of the 135th Knights of Columbus annual Convention in St. Louis. But first, let’s go to Rome where Pope Francis has resumed his weekly General Audience after a four week break. Earlier today, he reflected on Christian hope, focusing on the Sacrament of Baptism. This now from CNS.
Yesterday, Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson stopped by the S+L broadcast booth to talk to Fr. Rosica and Emilie Callan about why the focus on the Middle-East is such a high priority for the Knights.
One of the major highlights of the Conference every year is the state of the union address given by the Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson. Emilie Callan caught up with Cardinal Gérald Lacroix, the Archbishop of Quebec, and he shares his thoughts and comments on the much anticipated key-note address.
Today, our very own Fr. Thomas Rosica had the opportunity to speak to sisters Donata and Sister Galdia from The Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy about Sister Faustina's message of the Divine Mercy and St.John Paul II.
And as always, our complete coverage, including all the main events and interviews, are available to you on our website listed below.
That's all for today. Join us again tomorrow, when I bring you more news and stories from the Perspective of a Catholic lens.
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