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Blessed Oscar Romero is Now Closer To Sainthood - Perspectives Daily

August 14, 2017
In Rome today, Pope Francis addressed those who joined him for the recital of his Sunday's Angelus prayer at St. Peter’s Square.
Reflecting on the day’s gospel, which recounts the story of Jesus walking on water, the Pope reminded us that when passing through the storms of life's difficult moments, Christians must latch on to Christ; and not the false sense of security offered by psychics and soothsayers." "Christians today", the Pope said, "can doubt the assurance of Christ's presence when confronting life's turbulent and hostile waters. When we do not cling to the word of the Lord, but consult horoscopes and fortune-tellers, we begin to sink".
In short, the Pope said that faith is not an escape from life's problems but sustains us along the journey and gives it meaning.
Now here is some good news now, about Blessed Oscar Romero's cause for sainthood.
Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, the postulator for Blessed Oscar Romero's cause for sainthood, said he hopes the process will conclude within a year and Catholics around the world will soon honour St. Oscar Romero, the martyr. Archbishop Paglia told Vatican Radio that, "we could hope that, in the next year, the Congregation for Saints' Causes will have completed its review of an alleged miracle attributed to Blessed Romero's intervention and present its findings to the Pope. Recognition of the miracle would clear the way for his canonization.
That's it for today. Please join us again tomorrow when we bring you more of the latest news and stories through the Perspectives of a Catholic lens.
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