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Students at Jesuit Universities Protest Against The Cancellation of DACA - Perspectives Daily

September 12, 2017
Immediately following the Papal trip to Colombia, organizers are now finalizing the last minute details for the Pope’s next Apostolic trip, which is just over two months away. This time, the Pope’s travels, will bring the world’s attention to Bangladesh and Myanmar.
This report now from Devin Watkins at Vatican Radio.
Both of these Asian countries have small Christian communities, and even smaller Catholic ones. In the predominantly Buddhist Myanmar, there are around 450,000 Catholics in Burma, less than 1 percent of the total population of 53 million people, whereas Bangladesh, with its majority Muslim population, has an estimated 350,000 Catholics representing less than 0.2 percent of its 163 million people. In both countries, the systemic discrimination in employment and poverty among Christians is widespread.
I’ll bring you details about the the Pope’s visit to these two countries as soon as they become available.
Good news from Yemen! Kidnapped Indian priest, Fr Tom Uzhunnalil, has been freed from captivity and was flown to Oman.
The Salesian priest was kidnapped from a residence in Yemen back in March 2016 when four gunmen stormed the residence, killing many, including four Missionaries of Charity nuns, and eight elderly residents before taking Fr. Tom. Since then, there has been much speculation as to his fate. In May this year, a video was posted online showing the priest in poor health, calling for help.
The Omani government has claimed responsibility for his release and in a recently issued statement, the sultanate said: “In response to the Royal Orders of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin-Said and, as per a request from the Vatican to assist in the rescuing of a Vatican employee, the concerned authorities in the Sultanate, in coordination with the Yemeni authorities, have managed to find the Vatican government employee and  was transferred this morning to Muscat in preparation for his return home.”
In the US, the negative response to US President Trump’s decision to cancel the DACA program, doesn't appear to be subsiding. Students and staff at Jesuit Universities around the US  have begun to push back against the President’s plan to end DACA, a policy which could lead to the deportation of students at Jesuit Schools.
That's all that we have time for today. Join us again on tomorrow, when we bring you more news and stories from the Perspective of a Catholic lens.
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