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CCCB President Reflects on the End of His 2 Year Mandate - Perspectives Daily

September 25, 2017
In Rome today, Pope Francis prayed the Angelus with pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday. He reflected on the day’s Gospel, which recounted the parable of the landowner and the wage-earners.
The Pope went on to say that the message of that story is this: “In the Kingdom of God there are no idle hands. All are called to do their part. And in the end, compensation shall come from divine justice – not human justice. The salvation that Jesus has acquired with His death & resurrection is a salvation that is not merited, but given, for which, ‘The last shall be first, and the first shall be last’.”
The Pope emphasized that the mercy of God has no limits and he has a plan for each person to reach fulfillment.
On Friday, the Pope made a surprise visit to a rehabilitation centre in Rome for patients with neurological diseases.
Continuing his series of Friday afternoon visits to people who are suffering, or in need of encouragement, the Pope arrived at the Santa Lucia Foundation and was greeted with surprise and joy, by the people who happened to find themselves in the parking lot, at the time of his arrival.
Senior staff accompanied the Pope to the children's ward, where the Holy Father spent time talking and laughing with many of the young children, and watching, with particular interest, some of the exercises that will help them regain their mobility.
The Pope also visited a ward of young adults, who are paralyzed and offered them words of encouragement. Before leaving the centre, he spent a few minutes in prayer in a chapel.
The Pope began his "Mercy Friday" visits in 2015, during the Year of Mercy. The visits are meant to reflect the spiritual and corporal works of mercy with those who live in situations of physical and social exclusion.
Here in Canada, The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops kicked off its annual plenary assembly today in Cornwall Ontario. The Salt and Light team is on location and gives us an exclusive inside-look, at what’s going on. Today, Emilie Callan talks to the Conference President, Bishop Douglas Crosby, who is arriving at the end of his 2-year mandate as president of the conference. Part of the bishops’ plenary this year will be to elect, a new president and vice-president whose names I will have for you later in the week. But in the meantime, Bishop Crosby talks to Emilie about what he takes away, from his mandate.
We are broadcasting many of the events live, so for more details of our coverage, visit our website listed below.
That's all for today. Join us again tomorrow, when we bring you more news and stories from the Perspective of a Catholic lens.
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