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What Saddens The Pope Most When He Celebrates Mass - Perspectives Daily

November 8, 2017
Today, at the Pope’s weekly general audience at St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis reminded us that the Mass is not a show, but a beautiful transformative encounter with the true loving presence of Christ. And that is why, the Pope said, people need to focus their hearts on God, and not focus on their smartphones for pictures during Mass. Here now is the summary from CNS.
The Pope's remarks today are part of a new series of audience talks focused on the Mass. "This series", the Pope said, "should help people understand the true value and significance of the liturgy as an essential part of growing closer to God."
In the US, a Capuchin-Franciscan Father, known as the go-to-guy in Detroit for the sick, poor, and discouraged during the Great Depression, will be beautified in just under two weeks.
Fr. Solanus Casey will be the second US-born man to achieve such a designation and the first person from the state of Michigan.
Born in Wisconsin in 1870, Fr. Casey spent most of his adult ministry in Detroit. He helped establish the Capuchin Soup Kitchen in 1929 where he would welcome dozens, if not hundreds of visitors a day, helping families with an ill child, or destitute fathers desperate to make ends meet, or loved ones distraught over relatives drifting from the faith. At the time of his death in 1957, devotion to Fr.Casey had grown to the point that more than 8,000 people attended his funeral.
The approved miracle for his beatification involved a woman with an incurable genetic skin disease who prayed at Father Casey’s tomb asking for the friar’s intercession upon which she received an instant and visible healing.
The miraculous nature of her cure was verified by doctors in Detroit and in Rome, all of whom confirmed there was no scientific explanation. Fr Casey himself died of a skin disease in 1957.
Salt + Light will broadcast the events of the beatification with live commentary from our very own Fr. Thomas Rosica, who will be on the ground in Detroit. For broadcast details and for more on the life of Fr. Solanus Casey, you can visit our website listed below.
And speaking of beatifications, yesterday I mentioned on Perspectives that Vatican insiders were expecting the Vatican to announce that Pope Francis will move forward with the next step in the sainthood process for Pope John Paul I.
Today, LaStampa is reporting today that The Congregation for the Causes of Saints has voted unanimously in favour of recognizing Pope John Paul I’s “heroic virtues”.
This official decision closes the process of beatification and canonization for the former Pope, who after this decree, will be defined as “venerable”, and now awaits the beatification itself.
Before being declared a saint however, it will be necessary for the approval of a miracle attributed to his intercession which the Vatican is currently in the process of investigating.
And finally, when the Pope talks about our duty as Christians to welcome immigrants, we have to remember that the Catholic Church is an immigrant church and it is no different in the Americas. I have for you now this report that helps put this into perspective.
You can watch the rest of that video below.
That is all for today. Join us again tomorrow when I bring you more news and stories from the Perspective of a Catholic lens.
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