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The Pope Auctions Off a Lambo For Charity - Perspectives Daily

November 16, 2017
We begin in Canada today where The Alberta Catholic-School Trustees’ Association is raising two concerns over the province’s new Bill which would erode the Catholic school board’s autonomy and adversely affect the parent-school relationship.
Yesterday, the NDP in Alberta, used its majority government to pass Bill 24 ending two weeks of heated debate over sex education and the rights of students and parents strengthening rules around gay-straight alliances.
The Alberta Catholic-School Trustees’ Association is questioning this new law which essentially makes it illegal for educators to inform parents when their child joins a gay/straight alliance club or decide to "gender transition", hiding these issues from the parents under a “student privacy” policy enforced, by the government.
And while the overall goal of protecting vulnerable students is commendable, the Alberta Catholic-School Trustees’ Association believe that areas of Bill 24 will have unintended consequences. Next week, we’ll have an interview with the president of the Association for more on this issue, so stay tuned for that.
Now here’s an interesting story. Many people would agree that a white Lamborghini would make a very stylish popemobile, but Pope Francis disagrees and has decided to auction off the one given to him by the Italian automaker, in order to help several charities that are close to his heart.
Yesterday, the Pope was presented with a one-of-a-kind white and gold Lamborghini Huracan just before making his way to his weekly General Audience. He graciously signed and blessed the automobile, which will be auctioned off by Sotheby's. The proceeds will be given to the Pope, who has chosen to fund three projects: the resettlement of Christians in Iraq; support for women rescued from human trafficking; and assistance to the suffering in Africa. Specifically, part of the proceeds from the auction will go to Aid to the Church in Need, which is working to rebuild homes, houses of worship and community buildings that were destroyed by the Islamic State and caused thousands of Iraqi Christians to flee their homes.
This is not the first time that Pope Francis has auctioned off an exotic gift given to him for charity. Back in 2014, he auctioned off a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that fetched over $327,000 which he donated to a soup kitchen and homeless shelter in Rome.
This weekend is the much-anticipated beatification of Fr. Solanus Casey in Detroit, making him the second US-born man to achieve such a designation and the first person from Michigan. We will be broadcasting the events from Ford Field in Detroit with a live commentary from our very own Fr.Thomas Rosica. Here are the details.
Finally, in December, Salt + Light TV will broadcast a new documentary called "Faces Among Icons: Orthodox Believers in Contemporary Russia". This film provides an in-depth look at the Russian Orthodox Church, marking both the centenary of the 1917 apparitions of Mary in Fatima and the 1917 Russian Revolution that led to the persecution of Christians.
This film will premiere on December 10 at 8:30 pm eastern. For more details, you can visit our website listed below.
That is all that for this week. Join us again on Monday when I bring you news and stories from the Perspective of a Catholic lens.
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