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Here's What The Pope Said and Did Today in Myanmar - Perspectives Daily

November 29, 2017
We begin today with some highlights from day three of the Pope’s visit to Myanmar with three major events.
In the morning, Pope Francis celebrated the first ever public papal mass on Burmese soil where he said, "I know that many in Myanmar bear the wounds of violence, yet the way of revenge is not the way of Jesus."
He then met with the Sangha Supreme Council of Buddhist monks, where he told them that Christians and Buddhists are called by faith, to overcome evil with goodness and violence with peace.
Following that, the Pope ended his day with the 22 Catholic bishops of Myanmar, urging them to "foster unity, charity, and healing in the life of this nation."
Tomorrow morning, after celebrating Mass with young people at St. Mary’s Cathedral and a farewell ceremony at Yangon International Airport, the Pope will leave Myanmar for the second leg of his Apostolic trip to Bangladesh.
You can be sure that we’ll continue to bring you highlight coverage here on Perspectives Daily but, you can also follow our broadcast feed or re-watch any of the events on our website listed here
And finally, to help illustrate how serious the Rohingya refugee crisis really is, our friends at Development and Peace have this report on the current situation and a look at some of the projects they’ve implemented in partnership with Caritas Bangladesh.
That is all that for today. Join us again tomorrow when I bring you more news and stories from the Perspectives of a Catholic lens.
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