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How The Pope Felt When He Met The Rohingya Refugees - Perspectives Daily

December 4, 2017
The Pope was back at St Peter’s Square for his weekly recitation of the Angelus yesterday, following his return from his journey to Myanmar and Bangladesh. From the window of his studio, the Holy Father thanked all those who accompanied him there in prayer.
He commented on the Gospel of the first Sunday of Advent and recalled that the true Christian does not let himself be overwhelmed by distraction or superficiality, but lives with his heart turned towards others. Pope Francis told all those gathered in the square, that he was impressed by the many noble and smiling faces he witnessed, despite their hardships and he expressed his closeness to them. He also remembered in his prayers the nation of Honduras which has witnessed violent protests as a result of a disputed Presidential election. “I remember especially", the Pope said, "the people of Honduras, and pray they can overcome the current moment of difficulty in a peaceful way.”
On the papal flight back to Rome on Saturday evening, the Pope spent time answering questions from reporters after his six-day trip to Myanmar and Bangladesh. He summarized his thoughts and said that he was extremely satisfied with the meetings he had with the Myanmar officials about the Rohingya refugees.  "I dared to say everything I wanted to say and I got my point across”, he said. Though he refused to give reporters details about his private meetings with government officials and military leaders in Myanmar, he insisted they were marked by "civilized dialogue". If I would have used “the word”, the Pope told them, "the door would have closed."
Still, being able to meet some of the Rohingya refugees on December 1st was an emotional moment for him he told the press. "I took a few minutes with each of them, listening to their stories, holding their hands and looking into their eyes.
"I was crying but tried to hide it. They were crying, too. Listening to them was emotional and I couldn't let them leave without saying something to them and so I also apologized for all they had suffered."
In other news, the Pope’s monthly prayer intention video for December was released this morning. This month the Holy Father invites us all to pray for the elderly. “Those who have lived the longest have the most to give! Let us take care of them. They are our future”.
That is all that we have time for today. Join us again tomorrow when I bring you news and stories from the Perspective of a Catholic lens.
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