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Like a drop in the Ocean: A Lenten Reflection on Almsgiving

March 9, 2018
Brocken Inaglory, 2008
Like a drop in the Ocean. By: Esmeralda Blasi
Growing up as a catholic in Italy, Lent has always been a special time.. leading to a great conclusion: Easter, the happiest of celebrations!
I was thinking about this special time of the year a few days ago, and went through my memories of it. Yes, I have memories of all the “usual things”: repenting, fasting, going to confession.. but today I would like to focus on almsgiving, by broadening its definition a bit!
Lent for Jesus was a journey, a 40 day long journey, and that makes me think of my own journey in life.
I am a traveler, and of course, every time I start remembering.. a lot of memories of my travels come up!
I traveled the world, sometimes with family or friends, but oftentimes on my own, (and on a budget!) and it always amazes me the kindness that I encounter in people! Perfect strangers were so willing, eager sometimes, to help me, to take care of me, to make me smile if they saw me sad, to feed me if I was hungry, to tend to me when I was sick, to lend me a sweater if I was cold, to give me directions if I was lost...
Each and every one of those random acts of kindness warmed my heart and made me want to help others as well. I think they made me a better person!
I do believe that kindness is contagious and every little gesture counts… Like a drop in the ocean!
Generally,  we use this expression to define something that is so little that it has no importance, but I want to change this perception: without drops there would be no ocean!
Every one of us, in a small way, can make a difference in someone else’s life. We can make someone feel less hungry, less alone, less sad, less cold. We can make this world a little better just by helping others!

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