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Philippines On High Alert For Terrorist Attacks This Holy Week - Perspectives Daily

March 12, 2018
Good evening and welcome to Perspectives Daily.
Let’s begin with a summary of the Pope’s Sunday Angelus address to the pilgrims who gathered at St.Peter’s Square yesterday. He invited the faithful to rejoice as we approach Easter and to open our hearts to the Lord’s gifts of Salvation and Joy.
“Lent”, the Pope said, “is a time to open our heart to these gifts. It is only in this way that we can live a life that is animated by justice and charity and become witnesses to this divine love, a love that is not only given to those who deserve it, but offers itself freely, without conditions”. The Pope invited believers to reject the temptation of thinking, they can do without God.
Afterwards the Pope had a special greeting for the University students who gathered in Rome, for the first ever Vatican Hackathon this weekend saying, “Dear young people, it is a beautiful thing to put the intelligence that God has given us, to the service of truth and to the needy”.
What exactly is a Vatican Hackathon you wonder? Well here’s how the Secretary for the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communication Msgr Lu-chio Ruiz, explains the event that brought young people from all over the world to try solve some of the issues closest to the Pope’s heart using technology. Have a look.
We go to the Philippines now where that country, still recovering from the deadly terrorist attacks last year is now on high-alert for probable terror attacks in Manila, during this coming Holy Week, as reports surface of a new Islamic State regional leader is intent on taking revenge.
Catholic Church leaders are warning Filipinos to be vigilant, especially during Holy Week and have asked law enforcement not only to tighten security around places of worship but also, to be more visible in public. Manila’s Auxiliary Bishop, Bishop Bro-derick Pabillo, has appealed to everyone, to respect religious observances.
Security officials has recently confirmed to media that there is a big possibility that terrorist fighters have escaped the military dragnet in Mindanao, and are hiding in Manila. They are closely monitoring suspected targeted areas in the city to ensure that terrorism does not strike there however they have declined to identify the areas that may be targeted by the terrorist group.
Thousands of Filipinos will head to churches and other places of worship during this coming Holy Week in that predominantly Catholic country.
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That is all that we have time for today. Join us again tomorrow, when I bring you more news and stories from the Perspectives of a Catholic Lens.
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