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Perspectives Daily: UK bishop warns of possible unauthorized mercy-killings at UK hospitals

July 4, 2018
CNS photo: Lisa Johnston
The Bishop of Portsmouth in the UK is warning Catholics to be aware of possible deliberate killings of seriously ill people in state hospitals after 650 people alone were killed by painkiller overdose for no medical reason.
Here are the stories we cover on today's edition of Perspectives Daily:
1. The pope's new monthly prayer intention video is out.
2. Bari will be the destination of 19 heads of churches this weekend for a meeting with the pope. Find out why.
3. Possible unsanctioned mercy killings happening in the UK?
4. New cardinal of Pakistan talks about his surprise at the pope's announcement of his elevation to the cardinalate.
In addition to this, here are other Catholic news stories from around the world making headlines today:
That is all that we have for today. Be sure to join us tomorrow for all the latest Catholic news and stories.

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