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Perspectives Daily: 20 years of war between Eritrea and Ethiopia ended

July 23, 2018
CNS photo/Ghideon Musa Aron
After 20 years of war between Eritrea and Ethiopia, Catholic Church leaders in those countries are applauding the efforts of their political leaders to solidify the peace between their nations.
Here are the stories that we covered in today's episode of Perspectives Daily:
  1. A summary of the pope's weekly Sunday Angelus address.
  2. The Holy Father makes a plea to the international community to take steps to stop the rising death-toll of refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea.
  3. What the African bishops said about the new peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia.
  4. A quick look at the progress so far at the Scala Sancta which are closed for restoration.
Here are other Catholic news stories that are making headlines around the world:
That is all that we have for you today. Be sure to check with us again tomorrow for more of the latest Catholic news.

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