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Perspectives Daily: Archbishop of Adelaide resigns after being found guilty

July 31, 2018
CNS photo: Darren Pateman
Australian Archbishop Philip Wilson resigns his position as Archbishop of Adelaide after being convicted of failing to report allegations of child sexual abuse by a priest in the 1970s.
Here are the other stories we covered in today's edition of Perspectives Daily:
  1. Over 70,000 altar servers descend on Rome for the 12th International Pilgrimage for Altar Servers.
  2. Despite having resisted calls to resign, the Archbishop of Adelaide concedes.
  3. The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem expresses concern over Israel's new Nation-State law.
  4. With World Youth Day Panama just six months away, we look back at the 2016 World Youth Day Krakow on its two-year anniversary.
In addition to these, here are other Catholic news stories making headlines around the world today:
That's all that we have for today. Be sure to join us again for the latest Catholic news and stories.

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