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Perspectives Daily: A Mendicant Merger

October 23, 2018
In a ceremony held on Monday, October 22, the Franciscans of Canada joined together to form a single province. The Holy Spirit Province, which now covers the entire country, will be guided by Pierre Charland, OFM, the new Minister Provincial.

Here are the other stories that we bring you on today's episode of Perspectives Daily:

  1. Franciscans of Canada unite together into a single province.
  2. Joseph Sapati Moeono-Kolio, a synod auditor from Oceania, offers his reflections at the daily press briefing.
  3. Cardinal Daniel DiNardo talks to CNS about the presence of young people at the synod.
  4. Grotto Network provides another Voice of Synod 2018: Gonzalo Martinez.
  5. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn discusses the importance of keeping Christ at the centre of what we do.
  6. Bishop Robert Barron shares his thoughts with Salt + Light on the synodal experience so far.
Photo Credit: Holy Spirit Province, Franciscans of Canada

In addition to those, here are some of the latest Catholic news stories from around the world making headlines today:

That's it for today. Be sure to check in with us again tomorrow for more of the latest Catholic news and stories that you need to know.
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