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64 Days with the Ark: Distinct Society

May 7, 2008
64days-triplepic-may6.jpgLast night, I slept at the house belonging to the aunt and uncle of Sylvain Cossette, Quebecois rock star. The previous morning at a parish rectory, I was treated to a lovely breakfast that included cretons, a traditional toast spread made of pork butt.
I present these two occurrences as evidence that Quebec, indeed, is a distinct society. Is there another place where a household name in his own province could be relatively unknown in the rest of the country? And you've probably never heard of the aforementioned cretons, the answer to questions no one asked about breakfast and creamy pork.
More importantly, though, these incidents also highlight the distinct hospitality of the region. As we entered Champlain, we found ourselves without a place to eat: Monday mid-day, each little restaurant was closed. Greeting us from her lawn, however, was a kind lady who offered her patio. So we grabbed some groceries at l'épicerie and enjoyed lunch with yet another new friend.
Already, this pilgrimage has proven an antidote to concerns that we've lost our sense of family of God. This understanding is alive and well wherever we've traveled in Quebec.
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