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Remembering Haiti in Prayer

January 25, 2010
Like many other Canadians, I spent my Friday night watching a star studded fundraising telethon for the people of Haiti. I found myself moved by the stories being sent back from correspondents on the ground and from aid workers who have been in the country since just after the quake hit. One thing struck me watching the telethon: the people gathered together at the CBC came from all walks of a life; many journalists, actors, musicians, military personnel, aid workers, and even a carpenter. Each QUAKE-HAITI/of these people on their own perhaps might not be able to do much to help the people of Haiti, but together the possibilities could be endless. The musician can perform to encourage others to donate, the military personnel can help get the necessary supplies to Haiti and the aid organizations on the ground, the carpenter can help plan the rebuilding of homes and hospitals, the journalist can follow that trail and through their diligent reporting essentially ensure everything gets where it needs to go. It is a reminder to me that although an individual donation can seem like one drop in the ocean, that ocean is actually made up of many, many individual drops of water united.
I was moved by the reporter who shared with the nation that just before he left for Haiti his father handed him 100 dollars in bills, and gave him instructions to find an orphanage, find the director of that orphanage, and give that money to the director of the orphanage. Perhaps not all of us can have our donations hand delivered to the recipient of our choice, but it reminded me that there is always some way to make our contribution to the relief effort double or triple in its power. Now is the time to turn more diligently than ever to prayer. As Catholics we believe in the power of our prayer, in the healing power of our God, in His mercy and His love for the smallest, the weakest, and the poorest of the poor. Now is the moment not only to be generous but also to turn wholeheartedly to prayer, just as the people of Haiti now gather in the streets to pray in thanks for their lives, and in hope for the future.
Rediscover the strength of praying like a child. No formulas, no methods, just a heart turning to God. Light a candle, say a prayer for the intention of your choice for the people of Haiti and let that candle burn as the physical symbol of constant prayer, as a symbol of solidarity in hope.
Visit our Prayer and Appeal for Haiti page.
CNS photo/Jorge Silva, Reuters
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