Day 2 in Dublin: ‘A Passion for the Unity of Christ’s Body’

Brother Alois, prior of the Taizé Community

Below is the full text of Brother Alois Löser’s catechesis, as delivered earlier today inside the Royal Dublin Society arena at the IEC 2012. His catechesis focused on communion and baptism.

Passion for the Unity of the Body of Christ
Presented by Brother Alois, Prior of the Taizé Community

The Christ of Communion

The first day of this Eucharistic Congress wishes to deepen the meaning of our common baptismal faith. Mutual recognition of baptism among the various Churches is a great gift that God has given us in the last century. Despite the certainty expressed by the apostle Paul: “There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism” (Eph 4, 5), this recognition has not always been obvious. Definitively concluding a long period often marked by suspicion, the Second Vatican Council asserted confidently: “Baptism establishes a sacramental bond of unity which links all who have been reborn by it” (Unitatis Redintegratio, no. 22).

Can I allow myself today to illustrate the question of the meaning of our common baptismal faith by sharing with you our experience in the Taizé Community? The life we live in Taizé is intimately linked to the rediscovery of our common baptism as, in the words of Vatican II, a “beginning, an inauguration wholly directed toward the fullness of life in Christ” (ibid.).
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