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SLHour Contributors

The SLHOUR would not be the same without our contributors, with whom we have partnered, and who bring an invaluable and outside perspective to our program. They are:

Gillian KantorGillian Kantor – our Parenting Expert
Gillian is the Producer of the Salt + Light series, Mothering, Full of Grace. She is also a wife and mother of three young children who teach her new things every week.

Mark MatthewsMark J. Matthews – our Hollywood Undercover Missionary @HUMissionary
Mark is originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He works as a programmer, graphic designer and animator in Hollywood, where lots of good things are happening.

Sr. Marie Paul CurleySr. Marie-Paul Curley – Windows to the Soul @SisterMPaul
Sr. Marie-Paul is a member of the Congregation of the Daughters of St. Paul. She is an author,  screenwriter, video producer and film expert. If you like her segments, visit her blog, Windows to the Soul.

Daniel TorchiaDaniel Torchia – Media Ministry Minutes @DanTorchia
Danny is a media and public relations expert and Managing Director at Torchia Communications. Sometimes he’s a media missionary; sometimes a media martyr.