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When God Wrecks Your Romance

A new Native American saint? This week, author Damian Costello tells us about the cause for Nicholas Black Elk. Billy has a question on Church for Dummies, Gillian tells us what she learned from her kids and singer/songwriter-turned author, Amanda Vernon tells us how God wrecked her romance and we listen to music from her album Secretos NavideƱos.

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From Emilie:
Go to Wikipedia to see photos of the Romanian People’s Salvation Cathedral in Bucharest, Romania.

From Deacon Pedro:
Visit the Office of Native Ministry of Diocese of Rapid City for more information about Black Elk.

Read this article at America Magazine, by Damian Costello about Black Elk.

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May 3, 2014

Listen to Amanda Vernon’s first visit to the SLHour:
May 18, 2013