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The Voice of An Angel

How has mercy transformed your life? This week, Knights of Columbus Producer David Naglieri and Social Media Specialist, Samantha Wallace tell us about #MercyStories; Sebastian Gomes speaks with Fr. Peter Galadza of the Sheptytsky Institute on the significance of the meeting between Pope Francis and Kirill on Connect5, Billy Chan helps us learn about the Mass in Church for Dummies, Emilie gives us the details of the Canadian Bishops’ Ad Limina Visit and the Pope’s trip to Egypt and we meet the voice of an angel, Cathal Gavin.

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Watch Sebastian Gomes’ conversation with Fr. Peter Galadza on Connect5.

Watch #MercyStories Witness of Mercy: The Story of Jennifer Trapuzzano

Watch Cathal Gavin’s performance on JESC Ireland 2016

and watch the video of our introduction to this week’s program: