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Embracing the end of life; and other favourite interviews

This week, on a special edition of the SLHour, Michelle O’Rourke speaks to us about her book Embracing the End of Life and Singer/Songwriter Chuck Stevens tells us about his vocation as a Deacon and his music. Kurt von Schuschnigg shares with us what it was like when Hitler took Austria and and we meet singer/songwriter Emma Fradd.

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SLHour: September 22, 2012

When Hitler Took Austria is the title of a fascinating book that looks at Nazi Germany and World War II through the eyes of the son of the Austrian Chancellor, who was a young boy at the time. Today, that young boy, Kurt von Schuschnigg and his wife Janet join us to tell us about his story of faith and perseverance. Sr. Marie-Paul Curley returns to comment on the films For Greater Glory and October Baby and we meet singer/songwriter and deacon, Chuck Stevens.

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