Journeys to Justice: Reflections on Canadian Christian Activism
by Joe Gunn
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Canadian churches have made a huge impact on key justice issues over the past 50 years on education, economics, refugee sponsorship, the environment, domestic violence, public health care, women’s rights, and the cancellation of the debts of Global South countries. But as the years go by, has this momentum been lost? A new book from CPJ’s Joe Gunn features interviews with ten key people who have been active in social justice struggles across Canada for many years. How did Christians from varied ecumenical backgrounds work together to help end apartheid, admit refugees from Chile and Indochina, defend Indigenous Peoples’ rights, promote economic justice, and more?

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About the author
The call to do justice is described by Joe Gunn as his life’s “vocation.” He has led social justice ministries for a Catholic Archdiocese, religious congregations of both men and women, the ecumenical charity Citizens for Public Justice, as well as the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. For seven years, Joe worked in Central America. He grew up in Toronto, and is currently director of the Centre Oblat – A Voice for Justice, located at St. Paul University in Ottawa.