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Emilie Callan

Journaliste/Agente de liaison communautaire

Emilie Callan is a graduate of the University of Ottawa in Theatre and French Literature. Throughout her studies she became involved in the student movement, Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO), which is dedicated to the new evangelization on university campuses across Canada. Through this experience, she recognized the richness of the Church and the Catholic faith.

After leaving her bachelor’s degree, she became a lay missionary with the movement for three years in Quebec City. These years were formative in developing important leadership skills and in the education of faith among young people. Since September 2014, Emilie has embarked on a new mission with Salt and Light first as producer, and now as S+L’s official ambassador. She has hosted and produced Perspectives Daily in French and English, Catholic Focus episodes, Vatican Connections, as well as a number of other videos and promos.

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