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Deacon Pedro Guevara Mann
Originally from Panama, Deacon Pedro came to Salt + Light Television after being the artistic director for World Youth Day 2002, which meant he was responsible for all the artistic programming for the week-long event. He has a background in the performing arts: theatre, music and dance, holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University and has been working with young people since he was a teenager himself. For eight years he was a youth worker and job coach at Covenant House, where he developed a passion for serving the most vulnerable and the voice-less.

Deacon Pedro is also a dynamic speaker and workshop facilitator. His most popular topics have to do with love, sex, dating, relationships and marriage. Other topics include vocations, Sacraments, Scripture, Liturgy, music, mission, life issues, and media.

Since arriving at Salt + Light in 2003, Deacon Pedro has worked on many TV productions and documentaries. He was the supervising producer for In Her Footsteps: The Story of Kateri Tekakwitha (2012) and the writer/producer/director for Living Stones: Walking Humbly in this Land We Call Holy (2014), With Our Own Hands (2013) the Make the Call series (2013), Abraham's Tent (2012), Ends of the Earth (2009), A Day in a Life: The Carmel of St. Joseph(2009), A People of Life (2008),Turning the Tide: Dignity, Compassion and Euthanasia (2007); Lives in the Balance (2006); INRI (2006) and Thank You, John Paul II (2005).

He is also the creator, producer, writer and director of the popular youth series In Your Faith (2004, 2010). He has produced and hosted many Catholic Focus episodes, and the concert series Openings. He is also the producer and host of Perspectives: The Weekly Edition and produced and hosted Salt + Light TV’s World Youth Day coverage program WYD Central for Sydney08, Madrid11 and Rio13.

Deacon Pedro is currently the producer and host of The Salt + Light Radio Hour (SLHour) which airs on several radio stations in the U.S., on the Catholic Channel on Sirius XM and worldwide on the Internet.

In 2015, Deacon Pedro completed the six-part documentary series, Creation, which looks at the Church's teaching on the ecology.

In 2016, Deacon Pedro was loaned to the Knights of Columbus to be the Artistic Programming Director for their English-Language site, the Mercy Centre, at World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, Poland. That year he also worked on two mini-series with Rabbi Aaron Flanzraich: In the Beginning, for Advent and On This Night, for Easter.

On May 26, 2012 Pedro was ordained a Permanent Deacon for the Archdiocese of Toronto. Deacon Pedro is at Holy Martyrs of Japan Parish in Bradford, Ontario and lives north of Toronto, with his beautiful wife, Sheri, their two sons, Nicolas and Daniel, and their dog Max.

Follow him on Facebook and on Twitter.

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