Richard Valenti
Senior Editor

With a love for the visual medium at a young age, Richard found his artistic interests nourished in the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s flagship art school, Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts. From Grade 7 to OAC, he studied Visual Arts in depth. Upon graduation, Richard found himself exploring his artistic talents through different mediums and various expressions of visual arts. Then he found himself at Seneca College, where he excelled in Digital Media and Illustration, graduating with Honours.

After exploring possible careers within the advertising industry and working on some independent film projects, Richard landed the opportunity to work for Salt + Light Television. Here he found the best way to both express faith and love through the visual medium. At Salt + Light, Richard has been putting all his energies into production artwork, editing, and art direction.  But it doesn’t end there.  Richard is often called upon to do camerawork, graphic artwork and photography for Salt and Light Television.  Most recently, he spent two weeks in Australia capturing those magical moments of World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney.  He collaborated with Salt + Light editor Marc Boudignon for title graphics for both Road of Hope:  The Spiritual Journey of Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan and Beloved:  The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia, as well as producing the DVD covers for the majority of Salt + Light’s documentaries. 

The most involved project of the past two years had Richard reunited with his co-director for the documentary Journey of Light, Mary Rose Bacani.  For The World I Know:  Virtues in Action, Richard did the camerawork and graphic work, edited and co-directed the series, as well as designed the graphic layout of the study guide and DVD.  When this DVD series for the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board was extended to a half-hour series to air on Salt + Light, Richard was further called upon to do the editing and packaging for the show.

Richard’s most recent full-length documentary for 2008 was A Hand of Peace: Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust.  As David Naglieri wrote and produced the film, Richard was charged with bringing this epic Salt + Light production to life visually, mixing a variety of different formats of video, film, photography and music.  It was not an easy task to seamlessly put together over 70 years of history, but it’s something that Richard can be very proud of. 

Richard continues to pursue evening art classes as well as learning new and exciting software that will help him in his craft.  Richard stands by his belief that the beauty of God’s creation must be captured and shown to the world in the most beautiful ways possible, and that’s what he’s doing.