Rodney Leung
Rodney grew up in Hong Kong. In 2002, he moved to Toronto after graduated from high school.  After graduated from York University in Business and Society (Media Communication/Global Economy) in addition to a Marketing Diploma obtained from Seneca College. He joined Canadian Chinese Media Network WOWtv in 2009 as a Program Producer, Editor and Host. 

Since joining Salt and Light as a producer and Host, Rodney is overseeing the Chinese department. He has covered a number of major events in the Catholic Church, including the 2013 papal transition, and the 2014 Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the Context of Evangelization. He has also writing, producing and directing such distinguished Salt and Light productions as Chinese Perspectives, a daily program which presented the Church affairs around the world, especially in China, and Vatican Connections, a program with promoting the Church teaching and interviews with those professional guests. 

Rodney is educated in Salesians School, he gets inspired from St. John Bosco and all Salesians, and therefore he joined Salesian Young Cooperator in 1997 and became a Salesian Cooperator since 2005.

Chinese Version:
梁樂彥(Rodney)出生於香港,兒時領洗,在鮑思高慈幼會教育下成長,及後加入聖鮑思高慈幼協進會,成為協進慈幼會士。中學畢業後到加拿大晉升大學,並畢業於加拿大約克大學,主修媒體傳訊。他曾在多倫多《加華視訊》(WOWTV) 任職節目製作人、主持人、新聞報導員、演員、剪接工作。

2013年,Rodney加入《鹽與光天主教傳媒機構》(Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation) 負責中文節目部,同時擔任節目製作人及主持人。他製作的節目包括多項教會重要事件和活動,如在2013年的教宗選舉、世界主教會議、世界家庭會議、普世青年節等等。


他製作的節目也有: 《梵蒂岡連線》、《教會透視》、《教宗公開接見活動》、《談說天地》、《羅馬牧聲》等等。他致力與《鹽與光》一起以媒體的方式將天主的喜訊廣傳普世,及至全球的華人。願所有天主教媒體彼此代禱,一起為天主的事業努力。