BLOG: Deacon Eric Gurash
  Advent is a time to remember the limits of time. It’s a time to remember that all things, including good things, come to an end.   Matthew 24:37-44 When I was reading Maria’s post about fasting in Advent, I was struck by how similar and how different Advent is to Lent. Both are traditionally more
Lent has always been my favourite season in the liturgical calendar. The best part of Lent, for me, has been fasting. During Lent, I’ve fasted from Facebook, YouTube videos, meat, and even added sugar. Without exception, I’ve always felt cleansed, less dependent on whatever social media or food I gave up, and closer to God more
Looking for those Black Friday deals? Hoping to save some cash when you shop on Cyber Monday? Thinking about how to use your extra money? Or maybe you’re concerned about the frantic rush that happens around American Thanksgiving and the lead-up to Christmas, and looking for ways to focus your attention and resources on the more
In today’s catechesis on the discernment of spirits, Pope Francis defines consolation, gives examples of saints who have experienced spiritual consolation, and distinguishes between “the consolation that comes from God and false consolations.” Dear brothers and sisters, good morning! We continue the catechesis on the discernment of spirits and how to discern them when they more
St. Cecilia is known for being the patron saint of music, musicians, and composers. According to tradition, St. Cecilia came from a wealthy family and was promised in marriage to a Roman pagan named Valerian. She had already made a vow of virginity to God, and she prayed and fasted that her promise be preserved. more
We often think the path to holiness is one giant, heroic leap up to God. The reality is that it’s the development of small, regular habits that gradually turn our hearts and wills to God’s love. That’s the vision behind “Heaven in Daily Instalments,” a series of 24 short, two-minute animated videos produced by the more