BLOG: Paul Jarzembowski
Love is not meant to be temporary, fleeting, or self-centred but the deepest fulfillment of who we are. And marriage is the fertile ground for this love. more
An extra host | Everyday Miracles
Fr. Clint Ressler
July 14, 2021
Fr. Clint's parishioner gets an unexpected visitor and a very special birthday present. more
Deacon Pedro introduces us to some holy women from the 4th century: St. Helena, St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. Monica, St. Marcella, and St. Mary of Egypt. more
Just as when Jesus sent his apostles out with only their staff, sandals, and faith, the pandemic has forced us to evaluate what’s truly important to us. more
Rose was sad. Her 4 grandchildren were being raised outside the Catholic faith, and her greatest wish was to see them baptized. So she decided to pray. more
Deacon Pedro explores more inspiring women of the early Church: St. Eudokia, St. Blandina, Syncletica of Alexandria, St. Demiana, and Margaret of Antioch. more