BLOG: Julian Paparella
The news from Afghanistan is daunting. What can we do from so many thousands of kilometres away? How can we help? more
More than just a private contract between two people or an excuse for a party, marriages serve the common good of humanity, society, and the Church. more
Love is not meant to be temporary, fleeting, or self-centred but the deepest fulfillment of who we are. And marriage is the fertile ground for this love. more
The challenge of this Canada Day is not to “cancel” our love for our country but to work to make Canada better, to be a better Canada. more
As we celebrate Father's Day, Julian Paparella reflects on the irreplaceable role fathers play in the lives of their children. more
How would you describe marriage? Is it the old "ball and chain"? A mere contract? An out-dated formality? Or just an excuse to have the party of your life? more