BLOG: Julian Paparella
Imagine the scene. You’re exhausted after a long trip. Your wife is pregnant and due to give birth any time now. You’ve come back to your hometown, but you don’t have any relatives here anymore. You’re looking for a place to stay for the night, but everything is closed or fully booked. You keep looking more
Come, King of all nations, source of your Church’s unity and faith: save all people, your own creation! Our poverty meets God’s poverty “Jesus is King of all nations.” We can ask the question: Is Jesus really the King of the nations? Isn’t that a bit presumptuous? What about countries and societies that aren’t Christian? more
October 11, 2022 marks 60 years since the start of the Second Vatican Council. So what was Vatican II and why does it matter today? Vatican II was the biggest Church event in the 20th century, bringing together all the bishops of the Catholic Church – 2,625 of them! – with the pope and many more
As I stood in Maskwacis, Alberta, witnessing Pope Francis arrive to deliver his much-awaited apology to the Indigenous peoples of Canada on their lands, I was cut to the heart. Two things struck me simultaneously. First, the suffering, pain, and intergenerational trauma that has wreaked havoc on Indigenous communities and families. Second, the humility, courage, more
Who is John Paul I? God’s Smile is Blessed It has been said that John Paul I’s pontificate was like a meteor that lights up the sky and quickly disappears. His election as pope was a source of joy after the heavy grief that accompanied the death of Saint Paul VI less than one month more
Each of us is called to join Pope Francis in the pilgrimage of healing and reconciliation between the Indigenous Peoples in Canada and the Catholic Church. more