BLOG: Julian Paparella
Do we let Jesus into our everyday lives - into our family, our friendships, and our work? Or are there areas where we try and keep Him out? more
As the media bring us news about the new Omicron variant of COVID, Julian Paparella reflects on the hope brought to us by Jesus, the Alpha and the Omega. more
How do we walk together? Julian Paparella offers suggestions of how we can use this synod as an opportunity to reach out beyond our Church. more
This October, the entire Church is embarking on an unprecedented journey of renewal, starting at the grassroots level. And it needs you! more
This month, the entire Church will enter into a synodal journey unlike any other. But what is a synod, and what is the purpose of this particular synod? more
How should we as Catholics approach this first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation? Julian Paparella reflects. more