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An unexpected friendship | Everyday Miracles
Lucas A.G. Corallo
March 17, 2021
Lucas has just moved away for school and is having trouble connecting with his classmates. But God has a surprise in store. more
An angel on the bus? | Everyday Miracles
Erminia Malvestutto
March 10, 2021
When Erminia's son has to make a complicated bus journey all on his own, she prays for a little last-minute divine assistance. more
Do you know the difference between a sister and a nun? Do you know what a postulant is? Here are some "sister words" all Catholics should know. more
Marie Anne receives a lesson in God's attentiveness to our every prayer - even the smallest ones. more
At a crossroads in her faith, Stephanie finds a new and unexpectedly persistent friend in St. Therese of Lisieux. more
Shoelaces | Everyday Miracles
Cheryl Yarek
February 17, 2021
An untied shoelace unexpectedly provides a profound lesson in Christian charity. more