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Many synod observers may be tempted to think of "Communion, Participation, Mission" as three discrete and potentially disconnected "pillars" of synodality. The IL directly confronts that perception (#43), more
Who will you find at World Youth Day?
Dr. Anthony Cleary
August 4, 2023
This week, hundreds of thousands of young people are gathering in Lisbon, Portugal for World Youth Day. more
As I have been reflecting on the 20 years of Salt + Light Media, it’s impossible not to consider the importance of World Youth Day during that time for me and for the organization. more
The Instrumentum Laboris (IL) or “Working Document” for the 2023 General Assembly was released last month by the Synod Secretariat. more
The Holy Father’s Apostolic Visit to Canada: Looking Back One Year Later
Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
July 26, 2023
Press Release: Today, we remember that a year ago, His Holiness Pope Francis came to Canada to undertake a “penitential pilgrimage.” more
When life throws you the sourest of lemons, it is common to ask or sometimes demand for an answer to our “Why”? more