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Deacon Pedro explores more inspiring women of the early Church: St. Eudokia, St. Blandina, Syncletica of Alexandria, St. Demiana, and Margaret of Antioch. more
Deacon Pedro explores the intriguing story of the daughters of Philip, including St. Hermione, who prophesied in the early Church. more
Deacon Pedro explores some of the important women of the early Church, including Proba, St. Thecla, and two St. Macrinas. more
Deacon Pedro continues his study of the Church Fathers by telling us about the Desert Fathers, who lived lives of simplicity in the Egyptian desert. more
Deacon Pedro continues his exploration of Church Fathers with the Syriac Fathers, important teachers who lived in the East and wrote in Syriac. more
Continuing his exploration of Church Fathers, Deacon Pedro takes a look at the group known as the Latin, or Western, Fathers. more